> Discovered the “G spot”, identified in a woman of 83 years

 at This point, properly stimulated, it should provide orgasms are multiple and intense to all women.

This new body is described as “a structure anatomically differentiated in the membrane and the perineum dorsal to 16.5 millimetres from the upper part of the orifice of the urethra, which form an angle of 35 degrees with the lateral wall of the urethra, long-8,1 mm, wide 1.5 mm, thick 0.4 mm”.

once extracted, the fabric of the G-spot is extendible to more than 30 mm, and the consistency is similar to the erectile tissue of the clitoris.

The name of this structure reminds us of the German gynaecologist who first described it in 1950, Ernst Grafemberg.

causing some perplessità the affirmation of having made this discovery during the autopsy of a woman of 83 years old.

This property così small is still part of the genital apparatus, which caters to a physiological decline in old age.

Whyé not find it in the autopsy of young women? and only a woman? and the other?

An Italian researcher Emmanuele Jannini, a professor of Sexology and medical Università dell’aquila, in 2008, had testified to the presence of this structure with ultrasound scans, transvaginal, having not found all the women.

In general, the structures which are located above the urethra in women are the equivalent embriologici of the male genitalia.

The clitoris is similar to the glans, and held up by the cavernous bodies, similar to those of the glans and of the penis.

These structures are extremely rich, terminating nerve, both in their emergency between the small lips on the inside, in the part of the vaginal the front, as in man, the già appointed to the glans, the shaft and the prostate gland, an organ hidden, but with a great role in the sexual pleasure of men.

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The presence of this strong sensitivityà the woman should have a positive function in the play: in an attempt to stimulate these structures to have greater pleasure the woman should promote the deep penetration, which facilitates the fertilization.

in Short, maybe much ado about nothing.

Lisa Canitano

26 aprile 2012