> Sanità/Censis: Tac and resonances, there is a growing private perché the public expects too much

with Respect to the sanità the public, the waiting times are reduced by a quarter, but the cost forò triple. In the period between 2005 and 2011 the number of citizens, who, during the year, they have performed diagnostic assessments in private and in payment, are increased by three times. In 2005, there were 5.6% of the total number of people who had carried out investigations in 2011, the percentage is passed to the 18%.

The data also report that 2 million people who, thanks to an investigation with biomedical tools, and were designed in time for life-threatening diseases.

The italians have recourse to private because of the long waits, unfortunately, typical of the public service, that offers the performance required with an average of 58 days. We always talk about diagnostic images.

In private structures contracted, the expectation is reduced to 38 days, 15 days, however, if you appealed directly to the private. And here, that is; in private, totally at the expense of the citizen, if the waiting times are less than four times, the costs are instead higher than three.

The study of Censis, then focuses on choices that can determine a risk to health. About 60% of the italians is in fact convinced to purchase medical products at bargain prices would put at risk the health, if the 14% think that thereò it could happen in the future, the 44% is convinced, instead, that the phenomenon is già in action.

Finally, among the interesting data presented, there are almost 2 million citizens, thanks to a diagnosis early (mammography, resonance, Ct scan or lab tests), have learned to be have been struck with a disease deadly. Discovery, which I accept, that the therapeutic treatments in a timely manner.

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Well, there are approximately 700 thousand people in età of work and employment that fall in this case. In terms of productivity, according to the calculations of Censis, will assume an added value around eur 40 billion.

How to say… the public health contributes to the Gdp. But the well-being of the citizens of a Country that is not può be entrusted to the private health make it a business.. this is obvious, becauseé at the end, to feel good and be well cared for, will be only for the rich.