> With the bionic eye will return to see black and white

The experiment has been conducted in the Uk at the Oxford Eye Hospital in collaboration with King ‘s College London.

The two men, a 51-year-old and the other 60, after the operation, which lasted for 8 hours, were able to see the contours of objects.

In summary, the bionic eye is a chip very similar to that of digital cameras that contains some 1,500 items sensitive to light and they replace the damaged cells.

Is first implanted a power supply underneath the skin behind the ear, and then passes to the next step which is to insert a square chip of extremely small size (3mm x 3mm) in the back of the eye, through a flap of the retina.

Considered the encouraging results, now the other 10 patients submitted to the intervention.

The news has been reported by the british press, and Robert MacLaren at the Oxford Eye Hospital, said that the patients they see in a different way becauseé the brain requires a different type of reprocessing of images.

One of the two men operated told of having dreamed in color after 25 years, commenting that very probably “part of my brain that had gone to sleep she is woke up”.

According to doctors, these early results “exceeded expectations”.

Chissà if the electronic chips will be able to secure an independent life for blind people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa.

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4 may 2012

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