> The color of the eyes indicates the risk of diseases of the skin

And’ the color, according to a recent study published online in Nature Genetics, the element that may indicate the risk of contracting skin diseases such as vitiligo or melanoma.

vitiligo is not; contagious, but still its origin is virtually unknown. It appears on the skin with patches of non-pigmented. The melanoma is, instead, the black beast of the diseases of the skin tumors in the dermatological più dangerous.

According to the study carried out by the University of Colorado School of Medicine, who has blue eyes has less probability; to take for vitiligo but it would most stumble in issues related to thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and lupus.

Who has the dark eyes, it would seem, instead, protected by melanoma.

The research involved about 3 thousand volunteers with vitiligo, the european strain is not hispanic. The data indicate that 27% of those who contract this disease had gray eyes, or blue, 30% green eyes or hazel and 43%, the color was black or brown.

Richard Spritz, the coordinator of the research, explained that the study revealed has implications with melanoma, genetically, in a sense, represents the opposite pole to the vitiligo”.

Spritz, in fact, has clarified that “some of the genetic variations that predispose to vitiligo, reduce the probability; melanoma and vice-versa.”

Here, then, are the conclusions of the researcher. Dark eyes protect from melanoma, while the light ones “are a ‘spy’ of the lower risk of vitiligo”.

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may 7, 2012