> Aids is not è più mortal, but 1 in 4 will not know they have Hiv


The news is not so good, and that in Italy, the problem is still underestimated due to a lack of knowledge, così each year it will infect about 4,000 people.

The figure that emerges from the Conference “HIV & HCV: two parallel stories. The challenges for the future” held at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, the photographer clearly the situation.

An hiv-positive patient to four don’t know it, and 11 people get infected every day.

To Stephen Vella, head of the Department of Medicine of the Iss, is almost a “paradox” the fact that a virus that “for thirty years has been under the spotlight” is today the subject of misinformation.

According to estimates, in Italy, people affected by Hiv are about 170 thousand, while 40 thousand are those with the Aids.

C’è then by the fact that approximately 30% of patients with Hiv has contracted the virus of hepatitis C.

But è a figure which rises to 90% if you also take into account “special populations” – for example, people who perform frequent blood transfusions, hemophiliacs or drug abusers.

In the world living with Hiv 34 million people, a on 180. Among 7,400 people every day are infected by the virus, there are thousands of children.

it is true that this disease does not è più considered to be lethal, but the fact remains that, in the world, every 30 seconds a death from Aids.

AIDS – HIV Infection and women at risk of più

8 may 2012

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