> Children are prescribed too many drugs, especially antibiotics,

The 9th and 10th of may, the pediatricians gather in Rome for 68° congress of the società italiana di pediatria (Sip), but some of the data from the report “Arno” children ” are già well known.

The conclusion is that children are given too many medicines, especially antibiotics, for illnesses such as flu and colds that do not always require the tools, pharmaceutical così important.

The risk is that often to be heard in the last few years, the administration is not the appropriate può make più resistant bacteria.

The 58% of children, virtually più of 1 on 2, takes on a drug in the course of a year. And here there is a difference to be noted between the North, with 46% and the South with 76%.

Another interesting fact is that 96% of the prescriptions relate to antibiotics (48%), followed by the anti-asthma (26%) and corticosteroids (8,6%).

Another important chapter concerns the drugs by self-medication that are prescribed to every child with an average of 2.7 packs. A high number compared to other european countries, that sees the antiviral to the fifth place of the drugs più prescribed.

About the reasons of this excess prescriptions pediatricians will discuss about in the two days of the congress.

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9 may 2012

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