> The protection from the bullying goes to the cosmetic surgeon

According to the u.s. surgeons, the phenomenon is on the increase and the number of operations is increased 30% in the last 10 years (data from the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

On average, u.s. c’è a case that the last year has caused a stir, that of a little girl of seven years who is subjected to an operation of otoplasty to correct for the typical ears. Physical defect that exposed the bullying and the teasing of his classmates.

If the phenomenon is on the rise in the United States, according to what was reported in the foreign press, even in Europe, the children use the knife to defend himself at school from bullying.

In France, according to the newspaper 20 Minutes which has reported the data of the last congress of the Società of pediatrics, the increase in obese children who turn to a plastic surgeon to reduce the excess weight.

In Italy, however, according to the researchers, de LaClinique, to create the most problems for children are the ears.

Difficult to quantify the phenomenon, becauseé in Italy, unlike the United States, has established a registry of cosmetic surgery.

11 may 2012

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