> Hiv: maybe get Truvada, the pill for the prevention of Aids

doubtful and perplessità the final decision no good thing come untoà on the 15th of June next.

this Is a very important step for the u.s. and for the lives of millions of people that have to do with Hiv. This first ok could lead to the placing on the market of the drug with the indication does not più only therapeutic, but also preventive and, therefore, to be used by the people more exposed, as the pairs in which one of the two is a carrier of the virus.

is it still necessary to wait until 15 June before getting caught by the enthusiasm. The via free is discounted sinceé the us Fda may also ignore the favourable opinion of the committee and to express the contrary.

Truvada is an antiretroviral that in one study, published in 2010, and lasted 3 years, has demonstrated its effectiveness. Used in conjunction with condoms has reduced the incidence of the virus among gay and bisexual 42%.

Even among couples, where one partner is Hiv positive, has demonstrated its capacity to reduce the ability of infection of 75%.

But on the table of the discussion, the concerns are different. C’è those who fear that taking Truvada might lower the care by decreasing the use of condoms, is still considered the main protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

C’è then the doubt induced by some research that have shown less reattività of women to the drug, then with a greater incidence of infection than men.

Many doctors già to prescribe the drug with the aim of preventing the infection, and then not only to the people già living with Hiv.

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However, many others are opposed to the marketing of Truvada with this indication becauseé thereò you may inspire false security by inducing the recruitment of conduct più at risk.

This is the news, read what he thinks about the Life of the Woman:

The pill that prevents Hiv arrives from the Usa, but the trial?

11 may 2012