> Aesthetic Laser always più required, but attention to side effects

In the ’70s, the cartoon character Satanik, eternally young and beautiful (as well as" very bad) she locked herself in a closet to radiate with the magic light of a secret jewel to keep always così.

Norma Cameli, forò, the head of the Clinic of aesthetic dermatology of the San Gallicano of Rome, at the international congress of dermatology, “Hair-Nail and anti-aging” in the course of Capri and sponsored by the Association of women dermatologhe Italy, warns against the illusion Satanik. “People consider them harmless from and alternative to the scalpel, but not è always così”

At the San Gallicano worked in collaboration with the laboratory of medical physics and the Cameli report having measured the real power is in the penetration of the laser beam on the skin, with samples of chicken meat and muscle of bovine, and you have established that the dosages may be reduced.

were valued at the settings, and this collaboration between physicists, physicians and engineers, is fundamental in the use of technologies applied to medicine.

The laser also needs to be maintained perfectly, used according to the latest research, and the physicians should be aware of possible side effects.

it is always a physical means of destruction, if used incorrectly può leave scars like any other destructive means.

Precision, and then, and observance of the rules and of the evidence of the più modern when you use it, this pact can, in many cases, be the light of the miraculous, which promises to be not only and not so much from an aesthetic point of view.

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Lisa Canitano


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12 may 2012