> Carbonated drinks and tax of 3 cents, before the health

consumer groups have protested and even manufacturers of soft drinks have done.

the latter argue that the daily caloric intake of sweet drinks, also known as soft drink not così important, and that in the end, not c’è the reason for disincentivarne use.

In the United States finance the schools, in exchange of the presence of their distributors, just to mention one.

But let’s do the math: a can of orange soda or cola (330 ml) contains 33-35 grams of sugar, the equivalent of 7 cubes of sugar, 15 candy, a dozen cookies, contains 125-129 kcal, zero fat, starches, or proteins.

The calories are the same as for a snack 35 grams, and the sugars are double.

In some of the cityà the american è was made a campaign to reduce the use of soft drink: «Not would you like to eat ever 22 lumps of sugar in a day. Becauseé you want to drink it?»

just remember that there are families that put these beverages on the table instead of water, for lunch and dinner, as we are invited to make a publicityà of the mother from the 50’s.

So meanwhile, let’s face it, that you can use, such as in the 60’s, only during the get-togethers.

let’s say that for the rest of you must not drink the tap water in Italy, which is better even the water in the plastic bottles that bubble up during transport with health risks becauseé the plastic is unstable and passes into solution.

And if costerà più patience, that the money go to, as proposed by the minister, in campaigns for food education.

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And for the workers of the soft drink, forò let us come to an idea in a hurry, becauseé sent out to reach the esodati is not a good idea…

Lisa Canitano

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13 may 2012