> Meditation, the mental silence that is good for your health

The meditation, in great lines,  è a practice in which the mind of the subject is focused on images, thoughts, objects, but also on any particular object. The goal is to improve their physical conditions.

The study, published on the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, he compared the data of the federal program, the National Health and Wellbeing Survey with those of about 350 people who practiced at least two years ‘ meditation techniques.

Speaking of mental health, the people who più time practitioners of meditation showed a better condition equal to approximately 10% when compared with the rest of the population.

The attention of researchers is focused on one of the più recent methods, the Sahaja Yoga, which is based on a system of meditation which passes through the mental silence to get to an experience defined implementation of the Sé (of course the description is very general).

The data were così obtained by asking the subjects interested in the frequency and duration of moments of meditation.

Così the researchers were able to detect a clear relationship between duration and frequency of meditation experience, and mental health conditions.

14 may 2012

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