> Invented the spray that is drunk

A challenge? Stainé, a system to make money.

The creator is not new to these initiatives. David Edwards, along with a team of French experts, è già well known to have invented other sprays that convey the flavor of some foods.

Ideas of the type of take the money and run, becauseé of short duration, but of immediate impact (we sold about 400 thousand pieces).

Now this is a spray that allows you to try out in a few seconds the feeling of drunkenness.

it Is called “Wahh Quantum Sensations” and with a splash, directly in the oral cavity,  you takes a amount; of alcohol equal to 0.075 milliliters. A myriad of micro-particles stimulates così immediately, the brain giving the impression of having drunk, both in terms of taste of a hangover.

it Seems that the effects are instant but the duration of a few seconds. Considering that alcoholic beverages contain from 20 to 60 milliliters of alcohol, the content of the splash is almost negligible.

One of the advantages, says Edwards, is that you può pass the test of the breathalyzer. It always depends on the quantityà the assumption, of course.

The news of the invention has clearly been around the world, the task now is to see how many you will purchase.

15 may 2012

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