> Sanità: hello ticket, the allowance appropriate to the gross income

A smart card for all that certificherà as a citizen he has paid up to a given time, then take on the responsibility for health care services sarà the State.

Today, part of the free, everyone pay the ticket. The Italian coast about € 4 billion per year between stints in the emergency room, medications, visits, and diagnostic analyses. In 2014, when it will enter into force the new rules, which allow an increase in the ticket, the billions of euros spent will arrive at six.

According to the proposal of the ministry of Health, the ticket disappears. In its place we will have a deductible that variesà depending on the income, exceeded the amount you will payà the State.

Some example. With an income of 10 thousand euros for the year, you may have a deductible equal to 3 per thousand, and then 30 euro. For an income of 100 thousand euro to the roof, sarà 300 euros.

This means that to get any health-care provision you will haveà pay a maximum of  the deductible rate, whether it’s a medication or a heart transplant. Exceeded the spending limit of the assigned, all the rest will be free.

the spending limit of The assigned sarà annual, in the sense that in the course of the year, esaurirà both the credit and fee-free. Each year you will renew, for which you ricomincerà to pay to reach his or her limit, beyond which the performance will be free of charge.

To keep the accounts you ricorrerà the health insurance card that will haveà a chip on which is stored information relating to your credit limit. So, for example, the expenditure related to the purchase of a drug or the payment of a specialist, sarà recorded in the card.

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Scomapariranno the exemptions on the basis of income or the age or the condition of invalidità or the chronically ill. Everyone will have the allowance calculated on the basis of income which will be calculated on the basis of the personal income Tax, and the Isee. The final calculation terrà then the account of the family quotient, i.e. the number of children.

the road? We’ll see.

16 may 2012