> The good cholesterol (HDL) does not reduce the risk of heart attack

The recipe for prodigious, that of keeping a low blood concentration of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise levels of good (HDL), it may have lost, in part, its efficacy.

in Fact, è true that the good cholesterol is a protective shield against heart attacks. These are the conclusions of a study completed by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and published in the authoritative journal the Lancet.

According to Sekar Kathiresan, who led the research, not c’è no cause-effect relationship between a high level of cholesterol the good and decreasing the risk of heart attack.

The american researchers have tried to find out if indeed the high plasma level of HDL cholesterol reduces the risk of a heart attack. They then investigated on people genetically predisposed to have high blood levels of HDL, the individuals who then would have had to experience a lower incidence of heart attacks.

Così, have put in relation thousands of cases of infarction (20.913) and over 95 thousand control subjects. Is;’ the result that the individuals who, thanks to their genetic characteristics possessed high levels of HDL in the blood, compared to all the other “less fortunate”, they were not better protected from a heart attack.

experts nevertheless agree that the tools put in place to protect the health of the heart do not change and remain always the same.

The bad cholesterol, nonetheless, remains tied to cardiovascular risk. The understanding that the good one does not protect from infarction probably stopà the study on drugs designed to raise HDL.

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For the rest, nothing changes. It is important to a healthy life style without cigarettes and excess weight, while keeping down the bad cholesterol with a good diet and a moderate activitiesà physics.

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may 18, 2012