> Cellulite: you have identified the source, the new treatments through the power

In Rome is in progress, the conference of the Società italiana di medicina estetica. During the work, è emerged that recent research has identified the source of the cellulite that is not; due to venous insufficiency.

The cause lies in the fatty tissue, acting as an organ of the endocrine, is to inflame the tissues, triggering the transformation of the leather and the classic and unsightly orange-peel.

The cellulite aesthetic indicates, in fact, an alteration of the subcutaneous tissue, rich in adipose cells. The latter are characterized by hypertrophy, and in the spaces intracellular, go to accumulate the residual liquid of the biochemical processes of the body.

The discovery, explained by the experts has its own importance becauseé it may change the therapeutic approach for the treatment of cellulite.

One of the novità of the care you might just go through the diet.

in Fact, Pier Antonio Bacci lecturer in cosmetic medicine at the università di Siena, explains that “the fat cells and trigger an inflammatory state and associated with a process of acidification of the tissue”.

Then, according to the expert, foods to eat più suitable are vegetables, legumes, fruit perché “decrease the inflammatory state of the tissue involved.”

In summary, for the problems of cellulite as for other disorders or diseases, nutrition and a healthy way of life are doing their part.

Among the advice of always, in addition to the power, c is the activity; the physical constant, no smoke and alcohol, avoid the extra pounds.

Finally we add another piece of advice dictated by good sense, especially for women struggling with the swimming costume test. The rapid weight loss, in addition to bad for health, makes più visible cellulite.

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may 18, 2012