> Cellulite is fought with the diet, discovered the cause

In this period the swimming costume test torture women that have spent the winter sitting, covered in sweaters and coats, and now you look at mercilessly. How toò to put on a bikini?

Emanuele Bartoletti, secretary of the Società italiana di medicina estetica says: “until today, it is considered to be venous insufficiency as the primary cause, but many of the new research in Italian and international show that is; instead, the fatty tissue that acts as an organ of endocrine and trigger the transformations in the skin’s orange peel”.

An inflammation, then, mediated by acidification of the tissues. The diet is acidifying, then, may be the true responsible for this problem. So what should I do?

dr. Bacci, the author of several books on cellulite proposes a scheme of diet that starts with the fruit smoothies for a number of days, then you put the carbs, but always respecting the 60% of alkaline foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes) and 40% acidifying foods (sweets, carbs, meat)

a high-protein, then, but lots of fruit and lots of vegetables.

In these times of guru of the diet is a business, join in the round.

of Course, this scheme is more healthy than to fill up with protein lunch, dinner and breakfast, even with the feeding tube directly into the stomach.

Five portions of fruit and vegetables, limit carbohydrates and sugar, little meat, many vegetables.

Not new, of course,  but at least not poisonous. Chissà if the women will be enchanted by this beautiful normalityà, and, returning in their shoes, we gain in health and in the prevention of female cancers.

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we Hope that the result is not only to buy the books that explain how to do it, becauseé otherwise, sarà very skinny.. not to lose weight!

20 may 2012