> Ovarian cancer, più information against the trap

“the goal of The meeting – explained Flavia Villevieille Bideri, President, ACTO Onlus -with the involvement of the competent Institutions, is to inform and bring together patients, researchers, doctors and facilities in the province to create an alliance where each one of us with their skills, can contribute to the fight against this insidious disease.”

Unfortunately, ovarian cancer, much more rare compared to other cancers-female, is usually identified at a very advanced stage, and five-year survival is approximately 37%.

The therapy is surgery and chemotherapy traditional. Associates now a drug antiangiogenico, speaks of Dr. ssa Nicoletta Colombo of the IEO, which dà the hope of removing the nourishment to the tumor, preventing the appearance of new blood vessels and therefore causing the necrosis.

survival  and it improves a lot if the diagnosis is early, the event for this tumor &is  unfortunately, very rare.

usually comes when the cancer is very advanced, and screening programs, such as the transvaginal ultrasound that is associated with the marker Ca-125 does not have, at the moment, because the hoped-for results.

The masses that are suspicious are a lot compared to the real incidence of ovarian cancer, the ability to differentiate without surgery is low, and the result of a systematic screening would be at the moment a great number of interventions, unnecessary with all the side effects that large numbers become important considering that it speaks of women in post-menopause.

These may have other diseases, and suffer significantly surgery however unnecessary in most cases.

the attention on the early symptoms (the belly is swollen, needing to urinate often or urgently, abdominal pain or pelvic, difficultyà to digest) and includes so many conditions, starting from the colitis, which does not seem to promise anything good.

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At the moment the greatest risk is for women who have relatives suffering from cancer of the breast and of the ovary, and it is on these that it is possible to concentrate the attention. Having più the sick, the complications in healthy women will be minor….

waiting for a new test will allow us best results

Lisa Canitano

20 may 2012