> For weight loss now there is the saliva of a lizard

The market of diets (only speaking of the children, 155 million potential customers in the world) is really too greedy to leave anything stone unturned.

The eloderma suspect, giant lizard spotted, also said Gila monster, contains a tooth cable hidden at the bottom of the mouth, a peptide that seems to be used to reduce the urge of hunger and thirst.

The researchers say that comes in the list of substances of the body that are involved in the mechanisms of the dependency.

The efficiency is given by the Università of Goteborg, in Sweden and in the United States it is studying to make a synthetic version for use in the treatment of diabetes, of course, type 2, where thereò that you eat is absolutely essential.

Certainly the science goes forward, but you also need to remember that nutrition is part of the culture and socialità of a people.

And what you eat, for example fish and vegetables instead of burgers, it also depends on how much money you have.

in Short, instead of doing campaigns on nutrition and of the manufacturer, the price  for healthy food, and do free courses to teach you how to cook without getting hurt, not renouncing, however, to the pleasure and sharing, proposals are always new medicines, the true miracle elixirs that will solve the problem.

Up to the new miracle.

Lisa Canitano

21 may 2012