> Sleep apnea and increased risk of cancer, perhaps there is a relationship

The apnea, a respiratory disorder of sleep, could be associated with a higher incidence of mortality,à cancer.

The conditional is required, but this is the summary of a study completed by the facultyà Medicine  of the University of Wisconsin.

F. Javier Nieto, head of the department of Health Sciences, in the course of the presentation of the research at the American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference in San Francisco, explained that among the people who suffer from sleep apnea (sleep-disordered breathing,  SDB) has been detected, an incidence of death five times higher than those that do not are afflicted by this disorder.

so Far the SDB has been always associated with the development of pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or depression, but now research published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine adds a new and worrying element.

According to the study, at least for what concerns the animals, the lack of oxygen (hypoxia) caused by sleep apnea, “promotes angiogenesis (increased blood vessel growth), and the development of tumors”.

Nieto, recalling, however, to be cautious, he added, “breathing disorders in sleep have been associated with a high risk of mortality,à for cancer, but further studies are needed to replicate these results.”

Certainly, if the relationship between SDB and mortality,à cancer was confirmed, the treatment of sleep apnea in those patients affected by cancer, the researchers said, it could be a road to increase the life expectancy.

sleep Apnea and increased risk of cancer, perhaps there is a relation

apnea as a cause of accidents

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22 may 2012