> Hepatitis B, testing for free in 15 cityà, but the metà of the infected don’t know it

15-the cityà Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Padua, Turin, Reggio Emilia, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari, Foggia, Cagliari, Messina and Palermo, the laboratories participating in the initiative will perform the test free of charge and sarà can be used to queue at the toll free number 800 027 325 or on-line at the site www.epatiteb2012.it.

Four companies; scientific, AISF (Italian Association for the Study of the Liver), SIGE (Società Italiana di Gastroenterologia), SIMIT (Società Italiana Infectious and Tropical Diseases), SIMG (Società Italiana di Medicina generale) – with the support of FederANISAP, National Federation of Health Institutions in Outpatient Private, with the contribution of the pharmaceutical company Bristol Meyer Squibb, the manufacturer of the test, organize a royalty-free run of the test until the 15th of June, to underline the lack of information on the topic.

Lack of sufficient information on the modeà of the contagion, that you canò be sure to check through sexual intercourse, infected needles, through cutting, tattoos, piercing,but also in coexistence with people suffering and  lacks awareness in people at risk, the needà to take the test.

For the migrant population also missing from the vaccination, introduced in Italy some years ago, in the general calendar, in 12 years.

Gianfranco Delle Fave Professor of Gastroenterology, Ospedale Sant’andrea, La Sapienza Università of Rome, recalls that the infection becomes symptomatic when è già in the chronic, and then when the liver damage, you è già occurred. Furthermore, it recalls that the asymptomatic carriers are infectious and if you don’t know how to represent real vectors of the disease in the population.

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metà of the to 700,000 sick italians are not aware of their condition of carriers, and the virus is 100 times more infectious HIV and very più able to survive in the external environment.

80% of these infections will resolve spontaneously without any problems, but the 20% chronic giving in 20 % of these patients, the risk of dying prematurely for this cause.

Orlando Armignacco, President SIMIT remember that there are 300,000 to the bearers, and foreign, that are to be achieved, and that is not easy to submit to the test.

From many countries arrive, however, types with genotypes different from those più popular in Italy.

In Italy the vaccination, the knowledge of risk factors, the execution of the test and the improvement of hygienic conditions “have transformed the country from high endemicity to low endemicity, argues Paolo Caraceni, Secretary of the AISF – with a prevalence of carriers of the virus and less than 2%, concentrated in the bands of età over 30-40”.

in order To reach the foreign country will comeà carried out in Italian but also in English, Romanian, Albanian, Ukrainian and Polish. The state of their health affects us, affects us, for many reasons.

The opportunityà to take advantage of the free test will be brought to the knowledge of the foreign nationals resident in Italy, in particular those coming from Eastern Europe: the initiative, in fact, in addition to Italian, parlerà English, Romanian, Albanian, Ukrainian and Polish.

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chronic Hepatitis B, is undervalued and strikes again

22 may 2012