> After lunch, no nap, but the movement, it can clog the arteries

The demonstration è in a study carried out by the Univerità of Reading (Uk). The results will be the subject of discussion in the course of the next Congress of the European Atherosclerosis (Eas) expected in Milan for may 25.

In summary, an hour after lunch, you experience a peak of triglycerides ranging from 30% to 300% in più compared to the values recorded in the fasted state.

The professor Alberico Catapano – of the Università of Milan, which presiederà Congress –  he explained that the effect is “due to the free fatty acids that are released from adipose tissue and that contributes to a greater risk of heart disease and problems coronary”.

Then, già on the distance of an hour from the dining area you can also; create a “traffic jam” that increases the risk of ischemic attacks, especially in the elderly. Not è except that, in time, they can also find problems of diabetes becauseé, in addition to the peak of triglycerides, può also occur that insulin.

The interest for the research also arises from the fact that in Italy, a paradise of the mediterranean diet, there are about 6 million people who have cardiovascular problems or are at high risk for episodes-threatening heart. Among these about 2 million have been affected in the past by a heart attack or other cardiovascular event.

The condition of obesityà or of overweight, as you canò imagine, it could worsen the situation.

Something you canò do to reduce the risk. Professor Catapano explains that  sedentary people have peaks più high.” Here, then, is that now is always più listed as one of the solutions put in place to protect the health: l’activitiesà physics.

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After lunch a half-hour each day of activities; aerobics, such as walking quickly, può to neutralize this effect. Research has shown that with 30 minutes a day, the peak of the triglycerides is reduced by 8% and the one of the insulin of 14%.

and Then the recipe to stay in good health always stays the same, do the movement… in addition to a lifestyle that incorporates a healthy power.

24 may 2012