> Emergency contraception, in the summer, increases the use of the morning-after pill

emergency Contraception. During the summer there is an increase of packs sold.

on the occasion of the summer season, the arrival of the specialists, who met in Taormina for the Congress organized by the Italian Society of contraception (Sic) and the Federazione italiana di sessuologia scientifica (Fiss), warn about what they call a “boom” of emergency contraception that port with sé also an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

In August of last year, there were sold approximately 34 thousand packages of the morning after pill, an increase of 12% compared to the winter.

According to experts, the return from the holidays it has the problem of the pregnancy unwanted, infections are contracted sexually, in addition to a 30% più of gynecological visits.

reiterated that the emergency contraception can notò be considered as a customary oral contraceptive, but is necessary to resort to systems più sure.

Alessandra Graziottin, Center of gynecology and sexology medical San Raffaele Resnati in Milan, explained that the tool “really secure to defend themselves from unwanted pregnancies is the pill, but Italy is still in last place in Europe to use with a 16.2% share”.

Rossella Nappi, a gynecologist at the Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, has also revealed that in Italy there are 100 thousand unwanted pregnancies each year caused by the use of the birth control natural as coitus interruptus.

But despite the fact that this get unwanted pregnancies equal to 20% of the total, “the coitus interruptus – says Rossella Nappi – is considered reliable even by 3 guys on 10″.

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To finish under the caution of the experts are the teenagers, and among these the emergency contraception is most widespread.

The 37% of the boys face for the first time, the experience doing it without protection, but even among the over-35 and given to someone who is not using protection contraception and safe defense from the sexually transmitted diseases is rising.

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25 may 2012