> The day-after pill, the peak is in the summer, but is better to protect yourself

The beautiful season helps the activitiesà sexual; you dress less, you è più relaxed, you’re on holiday and inhibitions are released.

The holiday gives us a new identityà, the più safe,  più available  in the adventure that normally, with the safety that “so then it’s back home” and the excesses will be at an end.

In all of the cultures that tell of moments of relaxation and unconsciousness, resulting in moments of unbridled sex with the complete upsetting of the momentary of the rules, such as the saturnalia of the ancient romans.

In this our company; dominated by work, for who has it, not having to get up in the morning to get the uniform mental production unleashes the sexual instincts are normally repressed in women and men.

Così not only increases the use of the morning-after pill, but also sexually transmitted diseases, becauseé the time of abandonment just to meet with you with the use of a condom.

Alessandra Graziottin, of the San Raffaele Resnati, Milan, is not recommended to switch off the brain in the holidays, to all età, even if to have a summer adventure the brain must be silenced, otherwise you can not even imagine it…

Then,considering that the morning-after pill, in case of need, it is always better to take it than not take it, but that not always is effective, better protect themselves.

you can Use the condom. Say to him, while you drink a beer, “but you do know that my friend Mary is waiting for the HIV test? that crazy, doing it without a condom ! I don’t know what is!”

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the Man warned, half saved, you put your hands forward, and now knows it. Take them in the bag with you, and then you say that your brother (your cousin, your companion of tour, the concierge) I leave them in the bag to hide them, così you are not ashamed.

in Addition to the condom, use the pill, becauseé if you break the condom is not there problem. And anyway, don’t tell that you use the pill. The condom also protects you from sex diseases, and if associated with the coitus interruptus is still uncertain.

If you tell it that you take the pill does not takeà put to nothing. And if its not c’è the condom and you are not able to say no, at least userà coitus interruptus, with the consequence of less risk of contagion.

Then sì the adventure of the summer, of course, but we try not to pay no consequence.

Sennò what fun è?

Lisa Canitano

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25 may 2012