> Homeopathy, welcome to the italians for the care of small problems

The data of the investigation were presented by Omeoimprese, the association that represents the majority of businesses in the sector.

Are, therefore, six out of ten italians, which last year resorted to homeopathic remedies for the treatment of minor ailments.

the data show an interesting photograph. 82% know they are able to find at the pharmacy products homeopathic medicinal products, 16% have resorted in the last year, and 2.5% of them use it with a frequency of at least weekly.

But, according to the research, to show that a good part of the Italian of homeopathy, knows little, c’è the fact that one out of two would like to learn more. What he knows is attributed to a word, a heard. An exchange of information between friends, acquaintances or relatives.

those Who have recourse habitually to homeopathy, believes that the Internet plays an important role to obtain information, but it is also true that just as crucial is considered the work that may be family doctors.

however, the survey data tell us that 40% of the people interviewed would accept without any particular objections to a homeopathic remedy if prescribe was your  doctor.

26 may 2012

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