> Diabetes: just the bites, the blood sugar is misurerà with the laser

Life of più easy for the diabetic, the blood sugar measurement between little sarà can be carried on without the needà of tipping with all the hassles that ensue as the risk of infection or pain caused by the sting.

novità comes from a firm from lombardy, has developed and patented the Glycolaser. It is a meter great as a phone, thanks to the light of a laser is able to measure the blood glucose. And’ simply place your finger in the window and press a button. On the display of the device willà be read the glucose value.

Glycolaser è was presented for the first time in the course of the National Congress of Società Italiana of Diabetology (Sid) in Turin.

The device has been tested at the Diabetes Research Center of the San Raffaele Institute of Milan, and is shown to have an accuracy reading of glucose equal to 90%. It should be noted that for the placing on the market &is; required accuracy not less than 95%.

Stefano del Prato, president of the Sid, has explained that “it is working to modify the tool and improve its performance. The devices currently available are reliable in 97-98% of the measurements”.

experimentation has been performed on 171 adults, of which 136 living with diabetes, 4 syndrome, hypoglycemic and 31 but not sick.

Emanuele Bosi, who led the trial, explained the importance of an accurate detection the “perché have a blood sugar of 70 and receive a measurement that attests to 80 makes a difference, while having a 160 and read 170 does not change things much for the purposes of care”.

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Bosi has also explained that the availabilityà of the appliance, which introduces a different method of detection, represents a revolution in the life of a sick patient of diabetes.

apart from the discomfort caused by the puncture there is also an economic aspect that is overlooked. “Today, a diabetic should check your blood sugar 6-7 times a day – adds Bosi – può also spend five euro strips”.

With the device, but not for the initial cost, the patient is able to perform più test without additional costs.

The important thing, stresses the expert, is the accuracy of the instrument, which will haveà still to be tested on a number of più large of patients.

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26 may 2012