> Gastric bypass lowers the desire to drink alcohol

obesityà severe &is a danger così great for the health of those who is affection, which is also a care così drastic it seems better that you remain obese.

Surely, it must be sure that not c’è diet, not c’è movement, not c’è medication taking, must be at least 5 years, and you è così obese. In short, it is not; not at all the perfect solution is only the last resort for the obese selected.

The surgeries for weight reduction, in fact, mutually exclusive of the districts of the digestive tract and reduce the absorption, the consequences in fact are : electrolyte imbalances, anemia, osteoporosis, vitamin a deficiencies, and it is also not recommended for pregnancy in the first years after the intervention.

In the intervention of Roux-en-Y or gastric bypass bypasses most of the stomach and the duodenum, and the food goes così a small pocket of the stomach directly to the intestine. You can’t eat più of so much, and also what you eat is not absorbed.

John Davis and others of the Università Cincinnati, Ohio, have studied the 80,000 women who had made a number of bariatric surgery, including gastric bypass. Among all these, those who had undergone a procedure Roux-enY, they had less desire to drink alcohol.

In all the other techniques, the desire for alcohol was unchanged.

The researchers believe that this effect is related to a hormone, GLP-1, which restricts the amount; of food through the mechanism of the sense of sazietà, and are experimenting (on mice), an antidiabetic, which raises the levels of GLP-1, to see if you could think of a medication that helps alcoholics.

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of Course, a surgery to do not eat a medicine not drink. The good old Europe, loyal to the word and the personal history that seeks to understand whyé an exaggeration and you don’t frenarci not sarà agree.

But when the word becomes a torment without success, and the medicine, with all its limitations and its side effects to keep always present, and can give a hand perché?

Lisa Canitano

27 may 2012