> Cancer, Pap test every 3 years. Veronesi: “women need to be informed”

In the course of the conference “The new treatments tailored for women”, held at the Institute of oncology european,  professor Umberto Veronesi explained the new situation.

the New perché in the last 50 years, “In gynecologic cancers have occurred changes in più significant in the fight against cancer”.

Thanks to the new viral tests associated with the Pap test “the cancer of neck of uterus is reduced to the very small effect”, and thanks to vaccination, and adds Veronesi, “you start to completely disappear in the future”.

Then there is the pill that can avoid cancer of the ovary in 50% of cases.

The fundamental step, according to the oncologist, is that “now all the women are properly informed”.

“The discovery of the viral cause of cervical cancer,” explains Veronesi – some strains of Hpv has revolutionized in a few years, the prevention of this cancer”. Thereò results in a reversal of the trend of the oncological prevention.

C’è need less tests, performed with a frequency higher “perché those we have are more effective,” adds Verona.

Then the pap test must be run with the test Hpv to papilloma virus every three years.

Against the fearsome tumor of the ovary with the contraceptive pill, you è revealed a “powerful tool” in reducing the incidence of up to 50% of cases. Must be taken for a long period of time, and you è demonstrated effective in cases of women at risk for familiarà”.

The tumor of the ovary diagnosed early può heal in 80% of cases. But the current situation is that the early diagnosis affecting less than one-third of cases.

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29 may 2012