> The athletes tolerate it better with the pain, trained to bear it

On the matter have been performed a dozen searches, and now in the journal Pain è was published, a review of the più recently.

Jonas Tesarz, of the Università di Heidelberg, explained that by comparing the pain perception of 330 people, with a normal level of activity; the physical, with that of the 550 athletes, è showed that there are no “significant differences in the pain threshold, that is; the intensity; the minimum at which you can feel the painful feeling”.

Therefore, the perception is the same, but the difference is that the athletes showed a better tolerance, that is; they were able to bear a pain more intense,” said the German researcher.

In the field of pain perception of the athlete, the threshold varies depending on the sport practiced. The study reveals that among those who practice endurance sports are not c’è much of a difference in response to pain. Conversely, athletes such as football players or basketball, or tennis players, have a perception of the pain più diverse.

Tesarz explain that if the first manifest a certain omogeneità in their reaction, that of the seconds instead,  è più “varied”.

The scientist clarifies that there are studies that report on the benefits of theactivitiesà physics set on the qualityà of life of patients suffering from chronic pain. “Even if the intensityà of the pain they perceive, he added, does not change, the cohabitation with the symptom è più acceptable”.

31 may 2012

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