> The smell of the body changes with the passing of the years

Have been smelled, for this study, of the underarm pads that volunteers of different generations età had worn for five nights.

The nose is a powerful analyst of the chemical, tells us exactly if a food is edible or if it is aged and contains a substance toxic. Tells us whether or not a odor should be followed or if, on the contrary is better to move away. Even the smells of the body to provide the necessary information that are used in life. especially in animals. The smells there are chemicals that the nose  identifies through its terminations in the brain.

Così also, humans can understand the età based on the smell, can choose the partners and to distinguish the relatives, highlights Johan Lundström, first author of the research.  In this way the females may locate the boys più elderly, who have genes probably disabled longevità, and skills in life, while elderly females might be avoided because they are less suitable for reproduction.

the bearers of The underarm pads were divided into three groups of people divided according to age, 20-30 years old, 45-55 years old and 75-95 years and the pads were smelled by 41 young people between 20 and 30 years old who were able to recognize the third group, that of the elderly, judged to be neutral and not very unpleasant,while not è was possible for them to divide the young from those of a half età.

Maybe other smells are different, the skin, or the breath,  however, this work opens the way for researches concerning the biomarkers that are found in the smells (the food industry uses to deceive us about usò we eat and drink….) in order to understand the roads of the brain that allow for the evaluation of this information.

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2 June 2012