> Cannibalism in the Us: the Cdc denies it, no virus from the zombies

The Cdc of Atlanta, the Centers for disease control and prevention, the highest authorityà of the united states, in part, global, infectious diseases, è had to intervene to refute the hypothesis of a virus that turns humans into zombies hungry for human flesh.

The news is incredible, but because of some episodes of cannibalism close together in time, the social networks have given the best of themselves, launching the hypothesis, which was immediately circulated in the millions of contacts, a virus, perhaps escaped from a laboratory like in the movies and in science fiction books, was able to transform human beings of normal zombies that roam around feeding on human flesh.

The backstory: in a short period of time the press USA has published and given relief to three cases of cannibalism. A student in Maryland has the pieces to his roommate and ate the heart and brain, a homeless man has been bitten by a man who then is evaporated, to Miami, and you è been another case of a man gone too.

The television series currently being kissed by success, the Walking death, has probably done the rest and soon the epidemic has spread to all the social networks that we have built over so much, by clicking repeatedly on the “zombie apocalypse”  by forcing the serious Cdc in Atlanta to intervene directly.

“Cdc does not è to the knowledge of a virus and a condition able to revive the dead, or that there are symptoms comparable to those of the zombies”, this is the text of the email sent to theHuffington Post from the spokesman, David Daigle.

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You will be amused as well, preparing for it, maybe being able to add “nè salive that can awaken snow white, dead, stifled, né Aurora, who sleeps for 100 years. And what about Tiramolla, not even to talk about it. “Sin, sin, sin, There would have been great fun for everyone.

4 June 2012