> Smoke: più fruits and vegetables help to quit cigarettes

This time it’s not chewing gum or electronic cigarettes to the nicotine, but of power.

The researchers followed about a thousand smokers 25 years and over. They have detected life-style and habits. Così è showed that, with regard to food habits, there is a link between the number of cigarettes consumed (or discarded), and the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

The study is started from previous work that had shown that those who had stopped smoking for about six months consumed more fruits and vegetables, and a smoker.

” However, we did not know that smokers who do also have più the possibilityà to stop”, said Gary A. Giovino, who coordinated the search.

In the study, published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, is the law that anyone who smokes and consumes a lot of fruit, triples the chanceà to abandon the cigarettes for at least a month.

“This, regardless of sex, age, education, or other factors that usually influence the choice of the stop,” adds Gary A. Giovino.

According to the researchers, a higher intake of fibre due to consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables makes più full, and thereò could be induced to smoke less. It must be kept in addition to this, it bends in the research, that fruits and vegetables, unlike other foods such as coffee; and meats make the taste of tobacco less pleasant.

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Women and smoking

9 June 2012

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