> The african heat, came the suggestions of the ministry of Health

it Seems that up until 25 June the high temperatures set to remain in place throughout Italy. The forecast indicate that the peaks at around 35 degrees in the Center-South (37/38 degrees in Puglia and  Sardinia) and around 32 degrees to the North.

Così as every year, together with the summer heat arriving the recommendations of the ministry of Health. Of course, are always the same, but it is good to review them.

In summary it is to protect you from the heat and from the sun. Then light clothes that allow breathability. The head should be protected from sunlight with a hat, in the same way to protect the eyes by wearing glasses with dark lenses.

Then there is the defense from the effects of the heat. Drink a lot, no to sugary drinks and alcohol. It is better to jump on fresh fruits and vegetables. Melons, strawberries etc

The people of the più at risk, children and the elderly, must be protected by avoiding the output from 11 to 18.

with regard To the housing conditions, especially for those who live in the cityà, it should be mentioned that poor ventilation can increase the discomfort and produce illness in people più at risk.

the Other recommendation is to protect your skin from the sunlight by using products with high protection. Is especially true of children, but also adults should be careful.

in Short, it is a handbook based on rules that come from common sense.

18 June 2012

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