> To beat malaria, sarà a mosquito killer

Mosquito and drives away the mosquito, or, better, the kills, and it also eliminates the malaria. The news comes from the Università of California. Created a species resistant to the disease.

We took twenty years to be able to create an insect, capable of defeating the mosquitoes that carry malaria.

american researchers have played with the Dna and produced a mosquito genetically modified. They have identified a gene capable of modifying the insect so as to make it incapable of transmitting malaria.

The mosquito, which has undergone the transformation is the Anopheles stephensi, which carries a version of the disease, more lethal. C’è più, the new insect belongs to a species dominant.

To which, according to the scientists, sarà sufficient to send him on a mission in the areas of the world where malaria reaps the greatest number of victims. Così all other mosquitoes, the carriers of the disease, they would be overwhelmed by eliminating malaria from the face of the Earth.

The data Who are worrying, in 2010 were registered 650 thousand deaths from malaria. The più affected are the children who live in some areas of the african continent.

The situation is likely to worsen, scientists predict that the habitat preferred by mosquitoes, such as wetlands, could increase due to climate change.

all that remains is to wait and see if the colonies of the mosquito killer will be able to defeat the disease.

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19 June 2012

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