> Garattini, the Ssn is likely to collapse with medicines ‘smart’

their cost “is so high that it is unthinkable that the health service can deliver them free of charge to all those who are sick”. Not only.

“For some of the new molecules, the benefits in terms of improved survival do not justify some of the expense.” To doubt the sustainabilityà  system in the face of the advent of biological molecules è Silvio Garattini, director of the Institute of pharmacological research Mario Negri of Milan, on the sidelines of the conference ‘New cancer drugs’, in Rome, says the data made known by the director general of the Agenzia italiana del farmaco The Martini.

“It is a thing of the thinkable, he says that these molecules absorb almost a third of pharmaceutical expenditures and hospital”. And the future, for Italy, it promises a certain rosy. “Or we will have to ensure only a few of these medicines,” says the pharmacologist – or really, the system is not steadyà “.

But Symptoms do not is just a matter of cost. The director of the Mario Negri institute, the same effectiveness of these drugs is likely to be overestimated. And, in support of his thesis, in the course of the conference shows the different analyses conducted on some of these drugs. Studies that do not show results properly brilliant. “There is an emotional component – argues – that, on the wave of initial enthusiasm, leads them to overestimate the scientific results”.

But to defend the sword’s new drug intervenes Francesco Cognetti, director of medical Oncology At the Istituto tumori Regina Elena of Rome. “If these drugs were registered of international regulatory agencies – said on the sidelines of the meeting – it means that you have a certain degree of effectiveness, as well as" toxicà  far less than the traditional medicines.

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it seems to Me absurd to deny that these molecules have produced brilliant results, ignoring the hundreds of patients who have been cured thanks to them. Is it right to try to rationalize the resources, ” concludes Gladstone – but è also true that it is necessary to recognize the revolution taking place in oncology thanks to these medicines. The research must go forward, by showing its results, and trying to spread the più possible benefits of these innovative molecules”.

Page published on 13 July 2007