> Pap test – what it is, when to do it, where to do it.

 screening of cancer of the uterus is offered to all women of età between 25 and 64 years who have the ability to make a free Pap test every 3 years.


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How to perform Pap test

Consists of taking a small trowel, some of the cells of the neck of the uterus, which will be swiped on a slide and analyzed in the laboratory of cytology of the ASL Rome c. use of disposable material ensures the hygienic safety.

Dove fare il Pap Test

The test will beà performed in Family planning Clinics and some Clinics of the Asl. All women concerned you will receive a letter where sarà specified the day, time and place of the appointment.

Risultati del Pap test

If there is no alteration, the woman should haveà the communication of the result by letter.

sometimes, even if the drawing has been made accurately, it is necessary to repeat the test.

This happens:


  • when the number of cells collected is insufficient;
  • the

  • when there is an inflammation that prevents the proper reading of the slide.

In both cases, the response letter will giveà all the information necessary for the repetition.

If the Pap test show instead of the cell changes, the woman will be contacted by telephone to perform more in depth newspapers such as the repetition of the test, or the colposcopy.

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The colposcopy is an examination a simple and painless which allows the magnified view of the cervix through a microscope. The review highlights any areas of the neck of the uterus, suspicious about what is necessary to take a tiny sample (biopsy) that renderà can a certain diagnosis.

The Pap test, like all tests, not è a perfect test:

in some cases, result può be suspected of alteration, which are then excluded by subsequent investigations;

in other cases, può happen that, despite the pap test result is normal, the lesions can develop, but are due generally to tumors with features not detectable with this test.

important Tips

For a successful outcome of the examination is necessary not to have had sexual relations or performed laundry is internal or used drugs via the vaginal in the 3 days preceding the examination.

Also, the day of the appointment should not coincide with the menstrual flow nè with the 3 days that precede and follow it.

Tips and details

Can make the test even the pregnant women or women who have undergone surgery for partial removal of the uterus.

In these cases, it is important to notify your situation to the midwife prior to the execution of the test.

In some cases, può be useful to perform the Pap test in women outside the age group; 25-to 64-years.

Pap test and smear the same thing?

There are two types of “vaginal smears”:

the Pap test, used to identify any tumors or lesions that can turn into cancer of the neck of the uterus;

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the smear batterioscopico or bacteriological, which identifies the causes of an inflammation, then to choose the care più suitable; it should be therefore carried out only when the doctor considers it necessary.

Perchè take the exam when you are well?

The Pap test fails to recognize the cancer of the neck of the uterus, even when there are no symptoms and lesions that are not cancer, but could become.

This allows you to use therapies, simple is almost always carried out in the outpatient’s clinic and with more probability; successful.

Perchè a Pap test every three years?

recommended by the european guidelines and the Commission on Cancer National.

When they are guaranteed rigorous controls of qualityà of the sampling cell and the reading of the slide, as in the context of organised screening, a repeat of the più frequent examination does not result in a significant improvement.

In the United States, however, continues to perform the examination every 12 months.


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