> Radiation therapy and effects on the skin

then, When this procedure also associates a protocol type regimen, the skin lesions you can add reactions to ‘recall’ (radiation recall) and the reactions of ‘increase’ (radiation enhancement).

radiation recall refers to the phenomenon of the skin for which following administration of a chemotherapeutic (e.g., a taxane) is induced an inflammatory reaction in an area previously radiated.

this Is arash erythematous, which binds a variable to the formation of vesicles, peeling and itching.

For radiation enhancement refers to the increase in the toxicityà of the skin produced by the radiation, and caused by the administration of a chemotherapeutic agent simultaneously or within a distance of approximately 7 days from the radiotherapy.

The drugs more frequently involved in this reaction are: bleomycin, doxorubicin, fluorurabile, hydroxyurea, 6-mercaptopurine, and methotrexate.

Clinically it presents as a radiodermite with erythema, edema, vesicles, blisters, or erosions, in severe cases tissue necrosis, unlike the radiation recall, può extend locally over the radiated area.

Both events will be solved in a matter of months, but they are extremely debilitating in the long term can lead to skin atrophy, outcomes fibrotic and dilated blood vessels.

Finally, it is possible that present an acute exacerbation or even  first occurrence  of radiodermite, following situations are quite common, ranging from simple fever up to reactions following x-ray tests of control, such as CT, Mammography, Chest x-ray.

Protocol dermocosmetologico for Radiodermite

The radiodermite typically occurs  when the skin is exposed to dosages above 2000cGy, while the dryness associated with skin peeling and  pruritus is a frequent event.

also Apply here the rules of cleansing and hydration described in the protocol dermocosmetologico.

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The recommended dosage of use involves the application of the cosmetic immediately before and immediately after exposure to radiotherapy. Of particular interest is a new series of antioxidants combined together to constitute real cosmetics dedicated: butcher’s broom, red vine, ubidecanone, Q10, extracts of special marine algae.


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