> Ectopia, the piaghetta should not be burned

The neck of the uterus, has the function of fish in the vagina, to collect the sperm that may have been deposited during unprotected sexual intercourse.

it Is called in medicine also “portio“, which means “portion”, that is; the part of the uterus that is in the vagina. The uterus, indeed, is roughly pear inverted the più wide is in the abdomen (the body) and the più close, the “portio”, also called the neck of the uterus, or the cervix, protrudes into the vagina to catch the sperm.

The sperm cells, however, swim like the salmon, against the current, and then when they feel the cervical mucus, which decreases, and is maximum during ovulation, moving the tail in the direction from which they feel come in the liquid and begin to swim untilé do not come in a tube.

the inside of The uterus, the body and the neck, is covered by a thick mucosa as a mat, which secretes, especially at the level of the neck, the mucus that is going to helpà the ascent of the spermatozoa.

this is the main cause of the vaginal discharge. The first thing to say is that a certain amount; of vaginal discharge, more fluid during ovulation, the più thick before and after is normal. Normal, normal. It is understood that the women do not love but are normal.

The vagina is an ecosystem and slightly acid, in which live a wide range of microorganisms, among which the più represented &is usually the bacillus of Doderlein, which keeps the vagina slightly acidic.

sexual relations, together with the cervical mucus, in contrast, forò, this acidità to encourage the sperm cells in the acidic environment did not fare too well, and favor the proliferation, over that of sperm, even bacteria.. all this, forò, è, again, perfectly normal.

in Summary then, the cervical mucus is the buffer to the acidità and, associated with the seminal fluid, which contains as much sugar, they make sì that the vagina, from being an ecosystem that is autodifende with the acidità become a ecosystem welcoming, nutritious, and available.

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The cervical mucus is produced mostly by cells of the pad of the inside of the neck of the uterus, which is of the folds just to reach the maximum secretion.

The pad protrudes into the vagina in the majority of young women, increasing  the buffer action against the acidità, causing the speculum examination and the sight of a the red zone, circular, at the mouth of the uterno.. this is the infamous “piaghetta”.

It, therefore, that in medicine is called ectopia, cioè out of place, it is simply probably the result of the push for procreation which propels the mucous membrane of the inside of the uterus a little out of its natural place, to improve the chances of reproduction.

Perché never cauterizzarla then?

If cauterizziamo of all the ectopia reduce mucus, and if è true that the sperm can swim protected from the seminal fluid in which are immersed directly up the mucus within, and which is still a little mucus-cola, however, this is a medical act without any foundation, and is not to be done.

Perché, then, è one of the interventions more frequent to which they are subjected the women?

First of all, because" historically, when it was invented the speculum and you will start toò to look at the neck of the womb, the doctors saw the first bleeding gastric cancers, and, not knowing precisely what a holy vow, them cauterizzavano to stop bleeding (poor women).

And then è perpetuated the feeling that cauterizing the neck of the uterus may have some usefulness;. In that period, not knowing that is an eversion of the internal mucous, in fact, seemed to be a plague, it was believed that by having a plague then increases the risk of having a tumor of the neck of the uterus, it was believed that cauterizzandola would not come up.. any glaring stupidities, as has been shown by scientific research after.

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whyé è an activity; which takes place especially in the case studies private.. have you ever wondered whyé in the ASL the provision cauterization of the piaghetta or ectopia that to say it wants does not exist? Becauseé you must not do, that’s all.

of Course, if the ectopia is fragile and bleeds during intercourse (but personal experience is really complicated to treat it with success for this problem), if dà pain (but is everything to prove that it can be a real cause of pain), if, in short, the qualityà of the life of the woman is not; that is good, and it is thought that the cauterization may improve it is an attempt that you canò do (read, attempt).

But then whyé in women who do not have no problem is saying “must cure”, “we must burn”, “to be kept under control”, or other più or less pleasant (depending on the cost and the trauma, can be very little light), medicalizzazioni, which are useless when not harmful?

I Fear that the motivation can be found in the few lines immediately above.

in The end, forò you can say two words techniques. The place where you can tumors of the neck of the uterus, 99.9% is the border line between the inner mat and the linoleum outside that instead covers the vagina and the beginning of the neck of the uterus.

In medicine is called squamocolumnar junction.

In young women, the più sometimes is external, and is seen with the speculum (and not è, è, not è a plague !), in women of menopause back in the cervical canal and is not seen più (but not for this reason ceases to exist, as he does not cease to exist if the ricacciamo in the top fury to burn).

here are the cells that during the collection of the pap test, you can study to understand how much of a probability; that the neck of the uterus formed a tumour in the coming years.

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If there are any abnormal cell is a colposcopy (looking at the cervix at high magnification), looking the part of the junction from where they are, you decide whether to do a biopsy and decide the treatment.

If not c’è the risk of developing a cancer, short-term (lesions of low degree) are not doing anything, monitoring takes place only every six months with pap smear and colposcopy (but it has nothing to do this with the piaghetta ! nothing of nothing), and you expect, becauseé in the great majority of cases pass by the sun. If you do not pass it after two years.

If, instead, there is a high risk that the cancer may supervene in the space of a few months, or year, (high-grade lesions) is removed immediately the affected area, paying attention to the reproductive life of the patient, if is young the maximum preservation of the neck, if it has finished its reproductive life, instead you canò go a little più the bottom without problems.

This also allows you to analyze the underlying tissues to understand if it was just a trend in the future, the tumor, or if there was già a activity; cell più advanced.

Hence, you should not burn the ectopia, you must never treat asymptomatic women who have a pap test is normal, you must not do the colposcopy if the pap test è normal (but it must be a pap test good qualityà, as to what you are doing the screening of service public), and you do not have to treat the lesions of low-grade, in less than two years have not passed from the sun.

Difendiamoci treatments unnecessary.

Lisa Canitano


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29 settembre 2013