> Assisted reproduction, raises the età media and the number of infertile couples

These are the data of the world congress of gynaecological endocrinology reported by professor Andrea Genazzani, president of the congress held in Florence.

età of the women who come to the centres is increased, (età average to 36.2 years) and the technique of the freezing of the eggs, the only allowed in our country, then we are the leader in the research, begins to give good results.

The use of this procedure also is important for women who are young have to undergo cancer therapies that are liable to compromise the future fertilityà. Tumors in età youth are slight, but steady increase, and the good survival fortunately often raises the issue of fertilityà in these girls.

You have also reduced the parties triplets, from 2.7% in 2008 to 2.4% in 2009. Good news, then, but the Dr. Rossella Nappi, a researcher at the centre for Medically Assisted Procreation of the IRCCS Fondazione “san Matteo” of the Università di Pavia remember  that is all gold that glitters..

“we Should start talking about “fertipausa,” she says and explain to the population without too many illusions that, despite the progress made, 42/43 years to conceive, via natural or artificial, is possible but extremely difficult”.

The key word is; so, think of it in time, for not having to deal with therapies long and heavy, both from a physical point of view that economic, often ineffective. Of course, in a country where the word order is precarietà how do you tell a woman to have children before 35 years of age?

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At a time when usually there is a contract for an indefinite period, the house is an illusion, you can notò rely on services such as nurseries and another, and then of the children means slipping into the threshold of poverty;.

” of Course we’ve had politicians in the previous government, who said that women do not make children for selfishness, and who don’t mind being poor, if one of them wants to make them.

it’s a Pity that all the international studies, it is shown that carry on the country women who do not make children if they are not able to maintain and ensure a good level of education.

Said Elisabeth Badinter, the feminist French, to explain whyé the French are più children of any european woman, including the catholic Ireland, the scandinavian.

“We do the children with the State,” meaning così the trust they have in the fact that the State is the willà to continue to work and live, enabling him to devote himself for the rest of their life only for the children.

we all another music, the myth of the natural mother continues to intimidate the girls, the years go by  looking for opportunityà to work and home, and going così up to età which then does not allow the più to achieve this desire, which then becomes ahimè urgent and that drags in the treatment, and hopes that, if not answered, can become devastating both for women and for the couple.

A restrictive law as the our also forces still in the journey of hope in countries such as Spain or Romania, which increases the expense and the inconvenience.

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The Professor Nappi hopes that you will find markers that will allow at least to know which of these girls grown up will have the chance of success and which not, so that the latter is at least spared the rigmarole of the care and vain hopes.

Put così the problem seems to be the development of more research and more therapies, although these are indispensable for women suffering from diseases, but the development of policies for the natalità that they are well other, the bonus bebè to get the discount in the shops of wheelchairs with special rates, see the Region of Lazio and the governor Polverini.

Protection for women with fixed-term contracts, nurseries and open with flexible hours, tax deductions for the personal help, support the return to work after the maternityà.

The proposals there, so più that the work of women is a driving force for economic growth, and that the women working generate other jobs.

Just think about it and commit to doing this, and stop thinking that the woman should stay at home, and especially if you are at home and do the chores of the country goes on.

Perché non è true.

Lisa Canitano

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