> Infertilità the male, too many saturated fats reduce sperm

The news è been published in the magazine  Human Reproduction, which illustrates a research done by Harvard Medical School.

scholars coordinated by Jill Attaman, a professor of reproductive Endocrinology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, have been detected on 99 subjects involved a correlation between the quantityà and the type of the fat hired and a lower presence of sperm.

of The 99 men who participated in the research were divided into three groups in relation to the amount; of fat present in their diet. The group with higher consumption of fat had a sperm count lower by 43% compared to the group of volunteers who, instead, became amount; less.

What the study also brought to light is that the men who used it most in their power fat omega-3 acids had sperm more vital and efficient.

The secret then, according to Attaman, would be to reduce the consumption of saturated fats in favour of the of the omega-3, present in the plant and in the fish oils. In this case, explained the scientist, “this will also improve their general health, as well as reproductive”.

The article also mentions several studies on the subject have demonstrated the existence of a link between Body Mass Index capacità male reproductive. The noveltyà è now a glimpse of knowledge about the alleged role (to investigate) that dietary fat can play in the theme of fertilityà male.

Power supply in the adult: moderate fat

15 march 2012

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