> Obesityà, in the woman reduces the capacity of the reproductive and the cause infertilità

According to a recent study, published in the specialized magazine Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences, l’obesityà woman may have negative repercussions in the spontaneous conception and anti-infertilità.

The results of the research were presented in Rome on the occasion of the Conference “Fertilityà, and eating disorders”, organized by the gynaecologist specialist in reproductive medicine, Maria Giuseppina Picconeri.

In summary, the research shows that the obesityà in the women è related to the infertilità, the sterilità and, problem not to be underestimated, at the time of conception.

Also in the treatment for ovarian stimulation, the obese woman needs higher doses of gonadotropins, just becauseé it produces a lower number of follicles, and therefore eggs.

For this reason, according to the research, the success of fertilization are lower, it lowers the qualityà of the embryos and raise the rate of abortività.

Picconeri explained that the estimate of infertilità caused by obesityà è around 12% of the cases, but by restoring normal weight in a gradual and long-lasting in 70% of cases recoveries also has the abilityà the reproductive”.

According to the specialist, the study shows that the treatment of infertilità passing through diagnostic tests and investigations to 360 degrees.”

it Is necessary, in summary, “make a precise diagnosis to the couple’s infertile” in order to arrive at a course of treatment customized.

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17 march 2012

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