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È sterile that couple that after eighteen months of regular sexual relations and not protected and not è managed to conceive. A definition which, while correct in general lines, however, does not account for several aspects.

we Start from età: women reach the peak of fertilityà between 20 and 24 years old, have a first decline towards the 30 and to a sharp peak in the low exceeded the age of 40.

A girl of 20 years, with regular sexual relations, has about 30% probability; for the cycle to have a pregnancy, the 25% when it comes to 30 years, 20% after five years and 10% at 40 years.

This means that, if a young couple after a year not è managed to conceive, può, with serenityà, to take a few more month of time since the clock of the età to play more in his favor.

The perspective is different for a couple on in years: the “grant” at least 18 months of attempts because the number of probability; conceive of for menstrual cycle is really very più low, but once you have passed the period of “trial” should not waste time and promptly consult a specialist.

there is also the aspect, not secondary, of the number of sexual relationships. Without going to consider it a “duty”, it is well to remember that for the purposes of conception, the ideal is to have three reports a week in a single report reduces the possibilityà of the 50%, più of the increase.

then There are the couples ipofertili, those who, while not being sterile, they have great difficultyà to conceive. Also in this case, it is good to evaluate the appearance of the base data.

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And finally, the couples suffering from sterilità secondary, and this is ascertained in a second time after a completed pregnancy successfully.

The Sterilità primary: From the first suspected the first visits Often, and the doctors who are to manage problems of sterilità know this, the couple enters the “in crisis” long before the limit beyond which it is legitimate to be concerned about.

When to go to the doctor? A pair within the 36 years può quietly wait for the 18 months of trying before consulting a specialist; however, if the woman has passed the 36 years &it is best to get in alarm before in order to avoid that both the età the same to put a brake on further to the conception. The first stage is, in the majority of cases, be that of the gynecologist.

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