> Sterilità: how to search for the specialist suitable

The first point of contact, we have già said in the beginning, is always the gynecologist: is to him who rightly a couple must address when, after 18 months of regular reports, and not protected, is again able to conceive. Sarà the doctor to recommend the first exam and make a diagnosis.

If the framework is clear from the beginning, the doctor can; and rightly so attempt the paper of the therapy in the palliative treatment or ovarian stimulation (must be made by expert hands! attention to the pregnancies of multiple!) but, in the case of failure, the news is good that the couple talk immediately to a specialized center.

the council, which becomes even more important for those couples in whom from the beginning the diagnosis, it seems difficult or still leaves doubts.

How to choose a centre for the sterilità: è good to rely on structures that give guarantees serietà, be wary of those who promise “miracles”, from the one who gives little of his time or not spend enough to answer the questions.

With the doctor I must be born a relationship of trust and dialogue. A solution could be to seek the advice of your own to the gynecologist, but the same question può be addressed to the family doctor.

usually the best tips come from other doctors who collect “the voices” of the environment and the know how to evaluate. And then, the associations of infertile couples, friends who have faced the problem, the “voices” on the reputation of a structure, the Orders of the doctors.

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the Less reliable are the news are from newspapers and from television perché è più difficult to determine where is the end of the serietà, and starts the desire of self-assertion.

The best policy is still that of the personal, of the impact that it has with the structure and with its protagonists. The couple should feel reassured, it must always have the feeling (or better the certainty) of having understood the problem in depth and what to expect, must be able to rely on the doctor and on his équipe, must feel “safe”.

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