> Sterilità: induction of ovulation

However, &is not recommended for women with amenorrhea of origin of ovarian and high basal values of FSH (would be useless).

the induction of The ovulation is not; a therapy “miracolistica”, to the maximum dà the woman, the same percentage of probability; to conceive that has a woman of the same age with a normal cycle.

There is then the problem of iperstimolazioni ovarian. Può happen that in some women, the ovulation induction has been excessive or in which the ovaries have proven to be particularly sensitive, to form the voluminous ovarian cyst. The situation becomes even more serious if these disorders manifest themselves once the pregnancy is begun.

The hyperstimulation has been classified according to the severityà: in mild forms (frequent and free of risks) is not; necessary hospitalization, but with some caution; the woman feels stomach pain, ovaries large and cystic, and the production of hormones is too high; in the forms più series, è necessary hospitalization; may appear liquid the abdominal or pleural effusions and pericardiaci, the ovaries know no very swollen, full of cysts, fragilissime and for this it is necessary to proceed with caution during your visits to avoid breakage and subsequent internal bleeding.

The absolute rest is required. If the syndrome worsens (usually there is a worsening of symptoms for about 10 days and then a phase of stabilityà) is può to run the risk of damage to the renal function.

The hyperstimulation syndrome must be kept under control, dealt with promptly and in a targeted way: in this way, you canò to resolve brilliantly, and without having to intervene with the scalpel in a devastating way, that is; with the removal of the ovaries.

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multiple Pregnancies, multiple birth, trigemine (or worse): in these cases are almost never the fault of nature, but to an error of the doctor.

If the couple have not può turn to a specialized center, the doctor who decides the treatment needs to be aware of its limitations: if you do not have the diagnostic means adapted to control the stimulation is good to take drugs, despite the same efficacy, involve fewer contraindications.

another risk of ovarian stimulation is represented by a higher percentage of miscarriages in the first three months of pregnancy.

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