> Cyberbullying: the telephone service of the help of the Life of the Woman

Thought you were going to make a game without consequences and, instead, you è unleashed a tragedy?

your mates will they target? They send you sms bad and you are ashamed? Every little thing that you do is used as an opportunity to hurt you? You will damage the elbow when you go and you insult subheading?

You have to know that you are not alone. Hundreds of girls it happens the same at this time. A short dress, a word cheerful, a trick più marked can be enough to attract the aggression of a pack composed by your very own friends.

do You feel guilty? Do you think you be wrong? Not è true. You don’t have any guilt. Whatever (and we say own any) what you have done, no one has the right to disprezzarti or make fun of you.

usually you’re a young girl. Sometimes, forò you’re a woman. You could also be a boy. We are with you. Please write to us, call us. is Not accept the loneliness and the isolation.

you Can call us with the number covered, and we will never know who you are né from where to call it, but looking for our voice. If you see someone who does this bring it on this page, female or male. Explain that we are waiting for it.

We are the young, adults, girls, women. Not c’è nothing that is not there, you can tell. By the by. Cover the number if you want and call us.

We here.

This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it.or call the number 333 9856046

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the Association of the Life of the Woman Onlus