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A group of senators and senatrici Union expresses perplessità on the logic of repression of the text, and hoped that now, open up a free discussion between different points of view.

In the text provided between the other training interventions aimed at teachers and health care personnel against discrimination, sexual, rules relating to the protection of women in advertising; and, a monitoring of the phenomenon entrusted to Istat, the log of the anti-violence Centres.

last name TO the CHILDREN (20/1/06)

Approved the Justice Committee of the Senate to the bill of law that provides for the freedomà of choice for the attribution of a surname to their children.

parents, according to the text which will haveà now have the approval of the Classroom, will be able to choose, at the time of the marriage or of the birth of the first child, if you give the children the surname of the father, mother, or both.

In the absence of agreement, the surname will be double.

Repealed, and also the wording (not the distinction) in the civil code of the expressions “natural son” and “legitimate child”, replace with “born in” or “out of marriage”.


The Law of 1 march 2006, no.67 (Journal Of The Dept. no.54 of 6 march 2006) stipulates the prohibition of any discrimination against people with disabilities.

The discriminatory act is defined (art.2) which one for which, for reasons connected with the disabilityà, a person is treated with less favour of a non-disabled person in the same situation, or, indirectly, a provision, criterion, practice or behaviour that is apparently neutral, that put a disabled person at a disadvantage compared with other persons, in addition to the harassment, and behaviors of humiliation and/or insult to the dignityà.

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In all these cases, the disabled person can; apply to the Court that, in addition to the power to issue an injunction against conduct prejudicial, può altresì to have a compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

The Law 67/06 try così to ensure people with disabilities a general protection, which integrates and completes those già indicated on the subject of access to employment and working conditions.

by Nicoletta Morandi, a Lawyer in Rome, Viale Carso 51 – Tel. 06 3720292

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