> Growing violence in the family towards women

The results of the survey conducted in 2003 by the Association of Women’s Group and Justice of Modena on the data of the users who are directed to the service’s free legal advice of the Association, which return a snapshot of the conditions, hardships and problems experienced today by women, seen through their eyes.


by: Association Group Women and Justice, Via del Gambero, 77 – Modena (Tel. 059.361861 – Fax: 059.374710 – eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it.).

The analysis related to the 2003 does not substantially change the results of the survey on the data collected in the full range of activitiesà of the Association, published last year in the volume “Twenty years of legal advice to the women: 1982-2002. Data and reflections”.

Emerge, however, some differences in behaviours and in the conditions of female and accentuate some of the trends in già occurred in the last few years, which will be tested in time.

were 277 women who are directed to the service in 2003. A sharp growth compared to the average of over twenty years of activityà of the service, started in 1982, with 127 users per year. The signal of an increased unease and discomfort of the woman, and of the families, are they “regular” or “fact”, as well asé to a greater determination of women to exit situations of suffering, which pushes them to inquire about the possibilityà of help and support, as well as a symptom of increased women’s confidence in the aid that the Association provides to seek solutions to the legal problems connected to the world of work, family relations, and torque.

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the Italian – but increases always più the number of foreign women -, and lives in Modena and its province, è graduated, has from thirty to forty years, and an employee, is married with children. This is the”image type” of the user that is directed to the service.

The questions advanced with greater frequency concerning the “separation” (43%), although the figure is down compared to the past. A decrease in requests for information on “divorce”, he dropped down to 4%.

Are on the rise, however, the demands on “economic and patrimonial situation” (28,16%), “maintenance” (27,44%), “foster care children” (19,86%) and “family/society” (over 10%). Are growing also requests information on “social assistance”, “housing”, “job search”, “subsidies”, the data show the presence of situations of increasing difficulty; economic.

Are increasing the hardships of psychological type (over 66%), always on the first place among the causes of the suffering of the women, caused by behaviors such as: “threats,” “lack of interest in the family life”, “betrayal”, “persecution”, “controls”, “deception”, “lack of communication”, “blackmail”, “lies”. The increase of situations of violence is denounced by the significant growth in entries for the “threats” (17%) “persecution” and “controls”, as indicated by the women for the 2003 among the main causes of discomfort.

in The first place, in previous years, we marked the item “lack of communication”. It also grows the item “total or partial non-payment of maintenance” (16,25%). You register, then, a strong increase in the number of fathers who do not take care of the children after the separation from his wife and/or partner. And also increase the discomfort/physical violence (20%), a figure that denounces the worsening of the episodes of physical violence against women in the family environment.

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Grows considerably, the number of users in the age group ofà from 31 to 40 years (41%), between 51 and 60 years (15,47%) and the ultra sixty (7,55%). Always a few, but slightly on the rise, the women of età less than twenty years (0,75%).

The può to depend on the behavioural changes of young people compared to choices such as marriage or the union of the pair, as it says Renata Bergonzoni, president of the Association Women’s Group and Justice: «These choices take place today in età più the adult than in the past, thereò induces us to refer the formation of the nucleus of the family, moving, consequently, the emergence of the issues of relationship/cohabitation.

While the significant increase in attendance at the service of women più to be adult, seems to confirm that the processing with respect to the sé, and their awareness of their rights, represent an acquisition is increasing among women with età advanced, not più willing to endure experiences of violence and abuse, whether psychological, physical».

The data and the information on the basis of the survey are taken from the cards welcome please fill in the year 2003 by educators and avvocate voluntary Legal Advice to any user of the Service. The research, compiled by Vanna Bulls, coordinator of the Association of modena, represents a useful tool for reflection and analysis, especially for those who work in the field of relational problems and family.

For more information: Association of Women’s Group and Justice, Via del Gambero, 77 – Modena (Tel. 059.361861 – Fax: 059.374710 – eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it.).

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the survey Data are reported in detail the results of the analysis