> Sexual violence, what to do

do Not wash. the you Could delete the evidence!! Run instead at one of the following services (the choice canò depend on the proximity or other assessments):


  • a center for anti-violence ;
  • the

  • at a hospital to be visited in a department of obstetrics and gynaecology (some may send you to the service of legal medicine, if you don’t need medical aid).
  • the

  • from your gynecologist (checking its availabilityà to perform the necessary procedure);
  • the

  • at the associations of protection and assistance to the woman (better if with a service gynecological to be visited by a doctor).

You will visit and in the occasion you willà:


  • remove the vaginal mucus for the presence of sperm, infections and the DNA of the rapist;
  • the

  • perform other levies e.g. nails, anus, etc
  • the

  • to make a withdrawal of blood;

(None of these drawings is required, are made in your interest but if you don’t feel you can refuse. Remember that you might want to make the denunciation later on, that levies will be used only with your permission and accept the execution of the same is for you, only a warranty in the più.)


  • to prescribe the therapies deemed necessary;
  • the

  • release a poor prognosis with an indication of the required number of days to healing.


Remember to ask for them to be described exactly on the report your injuries: scratches, bites, bruises and other signs of violence that you have. Ask to be examined in the full light on the whole body, if you dare, and ask him to do the doctor in the presence of another health care provider. the

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there accontentante, if you are in a time così difficult, a report “generic bruising spread.

Remember that in a court appearance, and the seat of the injury are very important, especially if, as happens very often, the defence submits that you were in agreement.

Ask yourself, if you have them, which are described in exactly, the bruising in the inner thighs that are related to the separation forced on the legs, and that can not be confused with the bruises of a sexual relationship between consenting.  (Clement Puccini. Institutions of Legal Medicine. Ambrosiana Milan publishing, 1998)

If you feel the need, you can get a delivery to have a psychological support and/or legal (for this purpose the associations of defence of the woman are the più provided and prepared).

At this point it is up to you to decide whether to go into a police station to make a complaint. the In this case, the report rilasciatovi is necessary.

within The Intervention Centres, you will find the support and the support you need and who will accompany you to the police station. Not all police stations have staff trained for this eventuality.

do Not be afraid to report to the authoritiesà the offence!!!! sexual violence is a crime against the person that you can’t be justified in any case; those who né è victim has the right to be protected in the appropriate venues.  So:

  • no shame or sense of corresponsabilità in the episode.
  • The woman (and any person regardless of gender) has the right to say NO! At any time.

This willà must be respected.

If you want you can call or This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it. to the Life of the Woman  333 9856046

page updated on December 6, 2006

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