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Giusy Gabriele – Director-General of ASL Roma D

I am Writing this letter becauseé I would like that starting from the article of Luigi Attenasio appeared Tuesdayì on Liberation to open up a debate that could help”change the course of events”. Not wanting to go into a disquisition legal story is an episode that involved me.

I Was relaxed from my hairdresser, when the exterior of the room through the glass I saw a guy who beat Elena (of course is an invented name) the young girl who, usually with great affabilità I wash their hair.

C’è was by all terms a stroke in the attempt to escape in that blind violence with the result that the “brutus” has forced it to squeeze into the machine, and the &is escaped.

After a debate between the women, which lasted a few minutes, I notified the police, who with the utmost speed; and efficiency è intervened, but, unfortunately, we did know that, despite having tracked down the girl, could do nothing becauseé for a “private violence” it takes a complaint of the part that Elena does not want to do this, since the man is the person with whom he has a relationship.

I spent the evening in the throes of anger and profound, my question is too simple: if I had witnessed any other crime I would have been allowed to report? We need to accept that the woman should be left alone to decide?

When with the rivers of words you claim are questionable proposals for safety, such as those to stop the washer, è whyé in these cases, is the our quiet to be disturbed, while to see a woman beaten, does not create a problem?

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Maybe a space dedicated to these crimes, as justly as regards, for example, the dead white, would do something concrete to focus on this phenomenon aberrant that leaves women who are subjected to violence, sun and all and all those who would like to intervene powerless. I know that on this subject the comparison between the women è was long and complex.

But, today, I imagine that Elena tornerà to work for the shame, and is at the mercy of a man who perhaps believes in love. I ask all and in all what we do concretely to switch to “what to do” and prevent perpetrino these situations?

And, if, as mentioned in Attenasio in his article, già Basaglia had identified some of the parental relations as relations of domination, how do we give momentum to the path of liberation?

let’s Talk, at least talk about it.

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