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Elisabetta Canitano. The major premise of these recommendations is that for as upset, for the suffering, the woman should remember that she is the body of the crime

What it does in the first few hours is decisive in a court of law; it is necessary that you going to the hospital as soon as possible. should not wash or change clothes, but go to the hospital exactly in the conditions in which it is. If violence is taken place via the vagina, the signs after 24 hours disappear unless the victim is a girl or a woman in an advanced state of menopause.

Arrived at the hospital the woman will beà assigned a code green, unless you have very serious injuries.

In the course of the visit, after having exposed briefly the facts (not è the doctor who must ascertain the truthà, è sufficient to say thereò sarà useful to the report), it is important that it is carried out a detailed observation and particular.

If the violence was vaginal, not sarà easy to find injury, even if it is past a short time (see Kusterman, congress SIGO 2007 ); sarà therefore, must request that the examination be conducted with the colposcope (is a tool that magnifies and allows you to find the microesioni by friction).

If the violence is for anal the signs will be more visible (in any case, the use of the colposcope will allowà greater precision).

For what concerns the lack of inflammation the day after the elasticityà of the organ in the adult woman is such that these signs can be found only in women previously virgins, or girls, or women in menopause.

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Even in the absence of lubrication from arousal, as is in the case of rape, the normal cervical secretions ensure the maintenance of humidity; necessary to the mucosa.

The vagina also does not present the sphincters and the muscles surrounding it has not such a strength to allow a friction which bears visible injuries at a distance.

The allocation of the code green is perfectly normal in the case of rape. The code is not, in fact, assigned according to the severityà moral or criminal event, but in accordance with the conditions of criticità vital signs.

it is obvious that a woman who has suffered rape will pass after a poly-traumatized patients of the road, or after a suspected stroke, if it does not show the injuries that endanger life,
but this is not the può in no way be considered a way to assess what happened.

must be made to the drawings to microbial infections, but also that it is held by part of the material for any research of the DNA. You need to ask to scratch off with a stick under the nails, and that is to preserve what has been collected così.

The inspection must be carried out on the entire body. Bruises, scratches, and grazes should be accurately described, for what concerns the size and the position. Some bruising can occur best in the hours following, in this case, è must go back and create a new report.

please note that the bruising of the inner thighs are tied to the divide, forced of the same.

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Match the più of the times at the fingertips, and are one of the tests of physical violence (Clemente Puccini. Institutions of Legal Medicine. Ambrosiana Milan publishing, 1998).

If there have been beatings, sarà useful to perform the palpation points of the body affected; there may be internal injuries that are not visible at the moment and does not show, especially if the body has been shaken, and the woman has been thrown in the earth.

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