As it Works to Orthomolecular Medicine For Emagrecer

The constant search for a healthy life leads to know several areas of medicine that are indicated so that we can achieve our goals efficiently. The orthomolecular medicine is one of these areas.

this is a complementary and alternative medicine, which is based on the idea that there is a nutritional environment perfect in our body and that diseases reflect deficiencies in this environment. The treatment for the disease is the correction of deficiencies and imbalances based on the individuality biochemistry, or in other words, each patient has a unique treatment, based on the deficiencies of your body. This treatment is done by use of substances natural to the body, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, micronutrients and fatty acids. Increasingly people have sought the orthomolecular medicine for weight loss.

There is something special about orthomolecular medicine. It is much used against the dreaded marks of the age, it helps in the treatment of skin and hair, leaving it more lush. And she can also be the means for anyone in need of a treatment of reduction of weight, through the adjustment of nutrients, which are based on a change in diet. This is, objectively, the way it works at the orthomolecular medicine. We will know more.

orthomolecular medicine to lose weight – how does it work?

Losing weight is not easy and many people are increasingly looking to alternatives that work, that help them in the process of weight loss.

The big problem is that usually, you expect a miracle: to start a diet, sleep and wake up with many pounds less. This ends up discouraging people and making that fold in a short time, without at least seeing the results. The whole treatment for weight reduction offers slow results, the weight loss starts gradually. With patience and persistence, if you can.

orthomolecular medicine for weight loss comes as a great bet – but how does it work? The doctor will request some examination of conventional medicine: blood, urine, and parasitório and more one, called mineralograma, which identifies intoxication by some heavy metal and also identifies if there is a deficiency of minerals.

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After the analysis of the results, the doctor will prescribe formulas manipulated, with missing to promote balance in your body. These drugs will correct the deficiencies and also the excesses of vitamins and minerals that are present in the body. But this is a part of the treatment, the other part consists of proper diet – this diet will exclude from their diet all processed foods, and include foods in natura, as much as possible.

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This adjustment of the nutrients and the change in power end up messing with the metabolism and improve the functioning of the intestine, which facilitates the elimination of toxins and burning of fat. And here the big surprise: the results can be noticed in the first week.

orthomolecular Medicine for weight loss – power tips

The menu of the diets proposed by orthomolecular medicine are like cars-in-chief whole foods, fresh and functional – they nourish, strengthen the immune system and accelerate the metabolism, which results in a optimal functioning of the body.

whole foods are those that do not have the structure modified by the process of industrialization, the fresh are the ones that came straight from their place of origin, without having to go through the processes of industrialization – a tip: whenever possible, consume organic foods from sustainable agriculture and are free of the use of synthetic chemicals, and the functional are those that provide several health benefits, in addition to their nutritional value, as a reduction in the risk of cancer and diabetes, or risk of chronic diseases, among others.

This diet does not prohibit the food groups, but there are two foods that are cut out of food: meat and egg yolk.

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important Tips diet orthomolecular to lose weight:

  • don’t cook other foods, such as vegetables, to prevent the loss of their nutrients. Foods such as potatoes and carrots should be cooked with the peel, because it helps to retain the nutrients.
  • do Not save the food, mainly fruits and vegetables, in the refrigerator for more than 3 days, because of the properties and the nutrients end up losing.
  • No food in very short intervals of time – this is the beginning of many other diets, that guide the person to eat every 3 hours. In very short intervals begins to characterize the famous “nipped” which are the villains of weight gain.
  • do Not eat large quantities at once – it is everything balanced, remember that. The main meals should be more complete, and the snacks between a meal and another should be light, such as fruit, yogurt, shakes or cereal bars.
  • Avoid drinking liquids during meals, as it hinders the digestion and utilization of proteins and vitamins. This is because fluids dilute the gastric juice, which is responsible for breaking down the molecules of food into small particles, so that the body absorbs. With the gastric juice diluted, the food will not be broken in the way how it should be and this will prevent the absorption of nutrients.
  • do Not eat in a hurry – experts claim that eating in a hurry messes with the body and helps to increase weight, because the brain does not have enough time to warn the mechanisms of satiety.
  • do Not skip meals – Skipping a meal will not cause anyone to lose weight, quite the contrary. Our metabolism will store energy, since it does not know when will be our next meal. Not to mention that, at the next meal we run the risk of overdoing it on the amount of food.

Auxiliary of orthomolecular medicine in weight-loss programs

orthomolecular medicine still uses, as aids in weight loss diets, vitamin supplements, amino acids, fatty acids and lactobacilli, according to the need of each person. These helpers help with increasing immunity, reduce stress, decrease the desire to eat sweets, fight PMS and accelerate the metabolism.

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The diet orthomolecular does not promote only the weight loss – see the other benefits that come along

As if that wasn’t enough the great result that is the weight loss and reduction measures, the diet of orthomolecular helps neutralize the free radicals, being a powerful ally to slow down the aging degenerative, that is the cause of many diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis and others.

As the entire diet, it is good to have the assistance of a professional. And don’t forget that this diet is completely custom, therefore, is not meant to your friend, and neither of it will serve you and, much worse, she may even cause an opposite effect.

You have already sought the orthomolecular medicine for weight loss? How was your experience? Comment below!

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my experience with The medicine ortomomolecular was not pleasant. Although you have searched for a reputed professional, he asked only a few exams, went on a low-calorie diet and prescribed me a series of compounds (where you could only buy in a certain manipulation pharmacy) that would leave me with the dry mouth, upset stomach and did I go to the bathroom several times a day.
I even lost weight, but suspicious I ask the other pharmacist that you examine the formula prescribed and I was told that if it was manipulated the dosage of each substance prescribed to the value triplicaria. For this reason I have not sought this doctor, I went back to the previous weight and I am looking for another professional.

What would be the name of the doctor


I would Like to make the treatment more I don’t know any professional could you suggest me a reliable

I would like a good profesional… have indication ? Please.??